7 Reasons To Choose Wired Alarm Systems For Businesses

7 Reasons To Choose Wired Alarm Systems For Businesses

Wired alarm systems are a great way to secure your business and prevent a burglar from ransacking your office, so why do so many businesses not have them?

Well, here are 7 reasons we think they should:

1 – The Age Of The Internet

You might be wondering how the internet can play a role in your physical office security, but it definitely does.

If you store customer data on your computers, or access these details via a cloud database, then the theft of these computers could leave you in a bit of a legal mess.

If these computers are stolen and you cannot prove you’ve taken the necessary precautions to secure the data, you might end up like this firm of solicitors.

Not only can the theft of customer data leave you in a liable legally, but it also breaks the trust between you and your customers.

2 – The Business Safe

If you have a safe on your business premises then this becomes a big target for the more desperate/advanced burglar.

No matter how secure you think the safe is, there will always be somebody who thinks they can break into it. So what better way to put them off than to have a wired alarm system that automatically alerts the police when triggered?

If their break in attempt is interrupted by the sounds of an alarm, they’re less likely to stick around.

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3 – Stock, Stock, Stock

Businesses that have mountains of stock stored on site are definitely a good target for the cunning burglar.

If the burglar knows that your premises holds a pile of brand new laptops or boxes of jewellery, they are definitely going to put you on their hit-list.

If you have a burglar alarm, then their decision to break in is made a lot harder, so don’t make it easy for the criminal.

4 – Range

If you have buildings outside the range of a wireless burglar alarm then a wired alarm system could be your solution.

Wired systems offer greater range because the cables go straight to the alarms, whereas wireless systems can lose signal over greater distances and cut out.

If a burglar decides to park their van in front of your alarm’s signal, it may be cut out altogether.

5 – Distraction Burglary

Distraction burglaries don’t just happen to unwary home owners, businesses can be affected too.

With wired alarm systems you can set up areas of your business that might not get visited on a regular basis to be active when the other alarms aren’t.

This means your stock room can have an active alarm, even when the business is open and your employees are about their work. Just remember to deactivate it when you want to go in!


6 – 24/7 Monitoring

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Though not exclusive to wired alarm systems, you can have 24/7 monitoring in place to protect your business when you’re not there.

Whether that’s our monitoring service or a direct line to the police, you can be sure your business is being protected around the clock.

7 – Create A Deterrent

If you think your neighbourhood burglar has a conscience or a sense of morality, think again.

For people living in the real world, we know that thieves don’t share the same considerations.

Having an alarm box on the front of your building lets the criminals know that your building isn’t to be messed with.

Some businesses opt for fake CCTV and alarm boxes but the criminals can sniff these out a mile away.

Wired Alarm Systems For Your Business

In our eyes, prevention is better than cure. Why wait for the burglar to break a window before letting them know your premises is secure? It’s just another thing to pay out for or claim on your insurance. For a FREE quote for a new commercial alarm, please get in touch with us today.

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