What Makes Good Wireless Security Cameras – HD, Night Vision, ANPR

What Makes Good Wireless Security Cameras – HD, Night Vision, ANPR

Along with burglar alarms, wireless security cameras are one of the best deterrents on the market against burglary.

But what makes a good wireless system and why do you need one?

In 2015 there were 10,153 burglaries in Kent. Having wireless security cameras installed at your property, for business or home, will help to deter burglars and make you less likely to be one of the unfortunate people that will be burgled this year.

Wireless Security Cameras And The Options

There are many different options when choosing your CCTV system so we’ve compiled a list of the main things you’ll want to think about.

HD or not

HD stands for ‘high definition’ though this in itself isn’t very informative. The difference between an HD camera and a, for lack of a better word, standard camera is simply the quality of the image produced.


HD cameras offer a more detailed image which helps police to identify suspects from their clothes, face, vehicle and even their behavioural mannerisms. Impressive, right?

This isn’t the whole picture though, as a HD camera can be as ineffective as a standard camera when it comes to capturing images at night. So here’s your next decision…

Night Vision or not

Night vision cameras take advantage of being able to detect infra red light and so are able to see in the dark much better than you or me.

Brilliant, so you can see the burglar’s every detail at night!

Well, not quite. There are further complexities here also. For example, if your camera doesn’t have a special filter in it then car number plates reflect light so that you can’t actually read registration of the car, as seen in the picture below.

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To see the number plate you need a specific ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) camera.

After you’ve thought about night vision and the benefits of HD there is also the casing of the camera to think about. That’s right, the cameras casing can affect its durability, visibility (from the point of a burglar seeing the camera) and performance.

Camera casing choices

Wireless CCTV Kent

Wireless security cameras come in a variety of different styles but how aesthetically pleasing it is isn’t the only consideration to make.

The picture above was provided from a camera chosen specifically because it didn’t have an opaque dome covering it. The dome provides protection from vandals but also slightly affects the quality of the image that is viewed on your monitor.

The owner of this home chose the camera above because the infra red light is next to the camera and not inside a dome so that the dome did not affect its vision.

These are just a few considerations to make when choosing your wireless security cameras, to make an informed choice on the camera you should consult an expert.

Expert Wireless Security Camera Installers

At Spy, our surveyors are so confident in the CCTV systems we provide they have them in their own homes. Their extensive knowledge is down to having installed thousands of security systems for homes and businesses across Kent, providing an excellent quality of service.

To book a free security survey where one of our professional surveyors will design a wireless security system that’s tailored to your exact needs call 01689 887 626 now.

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