Batteries Not Included! Toys Vs. Christmas Safety

Batteries Not Included! Toys Vs. Christmas Safety

It’s Christmas day and the kids have woken you at 5AM to rush to open their presents. Once the challenge of endless plastic wrap, cardboard and metal ties are all overcome, it’s playtime. Or, perhaps not. The trick is to never underestimate the importance of Christmas safety.

*batteries not included

More often than not, toys and games in the UK are sold without batteries, leaving parents scouring the house for sufficient numbers of AAs and 9 volters on Christmas morning.

Even when they are included, this situation can still arise. Bulk manufacturers tend to use cheap batteries that die after a couple of hours’ use, especially if the toy has been in a shop display.

The hunt begins

When you’re frantically searching for some spare batteries, where are you most likely to look? Perhaps the TV remote or the kitchen drawer… but what about your smoke alarm?

Removing smoke alarm batteries from your detector seems like the ideal solution when you are faced with some very unhappy children who want to play with their toys.

However, is it really worth risking your family’s safety for a quick fix? It is important to remember the true cost of a house fire.  Burglars choose what they steal, fires can spread and take everything.

Smoke alarm stats

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Let’s look at some startling facts from the GOV Fire & Rescue 2012-2013 report.

  • More than one third of reported fires occurred in UK households where no alarm was installed
  • No smoke alarm was present in 31% of dwelling fires
  • 65% of deaths occurred in other building fires where there was no smoke alarm at all
  • In 19% of dwelling fires, a smoke alarm was present but failed

Remember, one of the main reasons smoke alarms fail is due to drained batteries.

Great news! Our burglar alarm systems can also include smoke detectors for complete home security protection.

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