Burglars In Paddock Wood Are Getting Away With It!

Burglars In Paddock Wood Are Getting Away With It!

Kent Police have just released detailed crime statistics for the Paddock Wood area – including Matfield and Brenchley.

589 Crimes Committed, Yet No-one Goes To Prison

These shocking stats show that in the year to March 2015, there were 589 crimes of all types committed in the area, yet not one offender was sent to prison!

Indeed, only 22 of those offenders were dealt with at court.

  • 4 were given a suspended sentence
  • 2 were given a conditional discharge
  • 4 were fined
  • 1 was given a community sentence
  • 1 was ordered to pay compensation
  • 1 was sent to the Crown Court

Of the rest, four defendants were found not guilty and a further five cases were listed as “unable to proceed” or “result unavailable.”

Burglars In Paddock Wood Are Having A Field Day

There were 51 cases of burglary in the area during the year. Since the usual sentence for burglary is a prison term, it would seem that burglars in the Paddock Wood area are having a field day.

What’s surprising is that, although residents in the area have a high net worth relative to many other parts of Kent, the percentage of burglaries is also quite high in relation to the population.

What usually happens in areas where residents have high net worth is that burglaries are lower in percentage terms, since homeowners tend to invest in high-tech security in order to protect themselves.

Burglars look for easy targets and are put off when they see alarms, CCTV cameras and security lighting. This is why the burglary rate tends to be lower in high net worth areas and other places such as Sevenoaks, for instance.

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Stats Vs. Reality: Anyone Can Be Targeted

Although areas of high net worth generally have a lower percentage of attempted burglary, it doesn’t mean residents of these areas are safe.

The only conclusion to draw is that burglars are being drawn to the area because of residents who are likely to have greater assets. Not to mention, many of the homes are fairly isolated. What burglars are doing, therefore, is targeting the homes that do not have any obvious security. Not only that, they are getting away with it scot-free.

They will seek out easy targets, steal what they can and dispose of it quickly for whatever they can get; they are very unlikely to haggle over the prices they are offered!

In country areas like Paddock Wood, it is even more important to take all necessary security measures, particularly if your property is isolated.

With an isolated property, a burglar can take his time, with little chance of being spotted by neighbours or passers-by. According to the police figures, it seems that if you commit burglary in this area – you will get away with it. But for residents seeking peace of mind, that’s just not good enough.

How Can I Protect My Home And Family?

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