Burglary Stats For Westerham and Biggin Hill

Burglary Stats For Westerham and Biggin Hill

You could be forgiven for thinking that Westerham and Biggin Hill are sleepy little places where not much happens. Read on to find out the latest crime statistics for these areas!

Burglary stats for Westerham

Westerham, located at the bottom of Westerham Hill, has a population of just 4,445. It has a pretty village green with a statue of General James Wolfe who was born in the town and won the Battle of Quebec, and another of Winston Churchill who lived at Chartwell – just down the road.

There are also a couple of tearooms, an antique shop or three, an upmarket country clothing shop, a couple of pubs and a golf club and wedding venue.

Yet there were 31 burglaries in the town during the year ending April 2015.

Burglary stats for Biggin Hill

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Up at the top of Westerham Hill is Biggin Hill, famous for its airfield’s role in World War 2. Here the population is 9,951 and there were 42 burglaries.

These figures are pretty shocking for what are just a couple of very small country towns.

What is also odd is that these little towns are inhabited largely by wealthy individuals, many of whom have large country houses, which they have the good sense to protect with burglar alarms and other security equipment.

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Burglars want it easy

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Many of these residents have their own businesses, or work in the City of London earning earning salaries and bonuses that we, average mortals, can only dream of. They can afford luxury cars, paintings hanging on their walls, antique furniture and ornaments, so they take every precaution to protect themselves!

Since your average burglar wants an easy life, they won’t take on a property that is bristling with security. It takes a burglar, on average, only eight minutes to break into your home! Evidently, even in small towns, they are having a field day with properties that are not protected.

If you think about it from the burglar’s point of view, why make life hard for yourself? Why risk getting caught on CCTV, when the house next door doesn’t have any protection? It’s not rocket science.

So the answer is that, even if you live out in “the sticks” in small towns or villages like these, it is just as important to take every precaution you can.

Security doesn’t cost a small fortune

It seems that many people think that installing burglar alarms, CCTV, and security lighting is going to cost a small fortune. However, the protection of your home and valuables is priceless. To have a safe and secure disposition, is number 2 on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs!

Another benefit of installing security – wherever you live – is that most, if not all, insurance companies will offer a discount on your premium if you install an alarm system. Ultimately, it will pay for itself.

It simply makes sense to take all the security measures that you can. Burglars are not going to stop burgling, just because it’s summer! At least you can persuade them to burgle someone else’s property rather than yours.

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