Home Burglary Prevention Tips From A Criminologist

Home Burglary Prevention Tips From A Criminologist

In the 400th issue of Scambusters, Criminologist and Associate Professor of Justice Studies at Appalachian State University Elicka S.L. Peterson-Sparks, provided insight into home burglary prevention advice.

Tips and tricks were taken from her expert knowledge, professional research and personal experience when looking out for a neighbour.

Safety First – Avoid Confrontation

After keeping an eye out on a neighbour’s condo while they were away, she had noticed suspicious activity.  Elicka insisted making a swift retreat is the best way to handle any burglary situation.

“Burglaries rarely involve assault of any kind, but, when they do, it is almost always because the thief is cornered.” Elicka gave further comment, “The moment you figure out something is amiss, leave. Get to a safe place and call the cops. It’s not worth getting hurt.”

So, how can we prevent this from ever happening to us?

Here are some top home burglary tips from an expert on the criminal mind.

Neighbourhood Watch signs can help deter burglars

Neighbourhood watch, video surveillance and no parking signs can be effective and show thieves you have security measures. Motion activated cameras are also a powerful burglar deterrent. CCTV can be used for domestic or business property protection. CCTV Recording features can capture unwelcome visitors on your property and provide photographic evidence if criminal activity occurs.

Even without an official neighbourhood watch active in your area, you can still keep your home safe. Ask a trusted nearby resident to check on your home while you are away. If Elicka’s neighbours hadn’t had asked her to keep watch for them, the local police department would never have been called to the scene.

Use burglar alarms and gates to keep intruders out

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Alarm systems that can be seen from the back and front of your house are not only a visible deterrent.  Burglar alarms will sound an alert of intrusion immediately, which often causes burglars to flee and notifies residents within the area. 24/7 monitored alarm systems are available too. Monitoring from a security company will ensure local police services are contacted as soon as the alarm has been triggered.

Installing a controlled gate system can stop intruders from reaching your property. Automatic gates are electronically controlled and door entry systems allow you to physically control who enters your home.

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