Home Security And Family Events

Home Security And Family Events

Whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, family events cause a lot of preparatory traffic.

The sort of comings and goings that can alert the casual thief to ‘something happening’ at a particular house. And something happening could mean a moment or even several hours of opportunity.

I know this for a fact.

Home Security – Protecting Your Property When You Have Other Things On Your Mind

A year or so ago, a beloved Uncle passed away. His wife, my aunt, dutifully placed obituaries in the local newspaper bearing the details of the funeral arrangements so that any friends or acquaintances could come and pay their respects.

The sorrowful day dawned and the funeral hearse and family cars arrived at the house and the close relatives all took their seats and were chauffeured off to the Crematorium.

A few hours later, after a suitably restrained wake, she and her children returned to the family home.

In their absence, someone had snuck up the alley and round the back, broken a small window and managed to twist the key she had left in the lock of the back door.

That someone had also put my Uncle’s gold retirement watch and various other items of sentimental jewellery into a pillow case and left with his booty.

The notices in the newspaper had pretty much given him an itinerary of the movements of the family whilst they were away from home. He knew exactly how long he had to get his job done.

And, although a happier occasion, the celebration of an engagement or marriage often gives rise to similar public notifications. Even without this, the back and forth of caterers, wedding photographers and florists in their branded vehicles can be enough to give the game away. And it doesn’t really take Sherlock Holmes to be able to work out that the happy couple will be off on their honeymoon for a couple of weeks after the culmination of all this activity.

Home Security Products Make Sense

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The recent British Crime Survey by the Government revealed that many properties go on to be burgled a second time a few weeks later when the valuable items have been replaced.

Curiously, whilst they claim on the insurance to get new for old, many householders neglect to address the serious issue of protecting their home from thieves through a burglar alarm, CCTV cameras or at least some effective locks on the doors and windows.

Effective home security measures are vital to keep your property safe from burglars.

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