Maidstone Serial Burglar Caught!

Maidstone Serial Burglar Caught!

26 year old Carl Chang smashed a window when breaking into a home in June last year. The serial burglar had targeted other Kent homes in the past. He had only just been released from jail before the summer burglary. A spokesman for Kent Police described him as, “A prolific burglar, whose offending has caused a great deal of distress to the victims.”

When entering the home in Maidstone, the burglar broke the glass of a window, causing injury to his hands. Although cleaning fluid had been used to tidy up the evidence, a single drop of blood was missed. Jewellery and cash were taken before Chang fled the scene.

Kent burglar caught and sentenced

Thanks to Kent police crime scene investigators, this drop of blood was discovered and analysed. The DNA from past burglaries could now be traced, pinning the string of crimes on the same suspect. A positive result was presented – Carl Chang was the Kent serial burglar.

After a hearing at Maidstone Crown Court, Chang was sentenced to four years in jail.

The spokesman for Kent Police reiterated, “We will continue to pursue all forensic techniques available to gather evidence to bring offenders like Chang to justice and I’m pleased that another repeat offender is behind bars and unable to commit any further crimes.”

Closing the window of opportunity

This case proves the importance of protecting your home from local thieves. Whether it’s a broken window or door kicked open, don’t invite burglars into your home. The best way to guard your property is to look secure. A burglar alarm system can deter thieves from targeting you, keeping your family and valuables safe.

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