Making Sense Of Crime Figures – Crime down in England but up in Kent

Making Sense Of Crime Figures – Crime down in England but up in Kent

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Some of the crime figures bandied about by politicians might give you cause to sleep easier in your bed. However, figures which show that things are improving might not be the whole truth…

For instance, The Crime Survey England & Wales figures for the year ended September 2013 show that there were an estimated 7.3 million crimes against households during the year. This is a decrease of 14% on the previous year, which on the face of it is a remarkable figure.

Making sense of Crime Figures – NOT reporting

Unfortunately, this is not as straightforward as it seems. To begin with, it is an ESTIMATE based on a survey. Second, it contains figures of crimes that are not reported to the police.

By contrast, the police figures of recorded crimes against households to the year ended March 2014 show no change at all from the previous year, remaining steady at 3.7 million.

This would seem to indicate that around half of all crimes are never reported to the police.

In any event, if the survey figure of 7.3 million is anything like accurate it shows that in any given year you have approximately a one in eight chance of being burgled! That is a shocking figure. Another way of looking at it is to say that you WILL be burgled once in every eight years.

There are areas of reduced crime

The biggest reductions in recorded crime were in West Mercia, North Wales and Hertfordshire which all showed decreases of 12%. London has the highest rate of crime with 89 recorded offences for every 1,000 people – an increase of 9% on the previous year.

The police figures for crimes per thousand of population were lowest in North Yorkshire and Dyfed-Powys in Wales with 43 per 1,000.

So what about Kent crime?

If you thought that Kent was a fairly safe place to live, think again. Following a review by HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) it was reported that one in ten crimes in Kent had been recorded inaccurately.

It was found that some officers were issuing penalty notices to people with a record of serious crime, and issuing cautions for severe crimes. Five officers were arrested accused of under-recording and incorrectly labelling crimes.

While recorded offences were down everywhere else in the country, the figures for Kent now show an increase of no less than 8%. The UK Statistics Authority watchdog has taken the unprecedented step of removing its seal of approval for crime data recorded by the police!

What should you do?

These figures would suggest that Kent is a far less safe place to live than we have otherwise been led to believe. Whether that is true or not, householders should take every precaution to protect their property.

One thing to remember about burglars is that they really do not want to get caught. If the house next door to yours has a burglar alarm and yours does not, it is a fairly safe bet which property they are going to target.

The Metropolitan Police themselves have said that a burglar alarms is a great deterrent.

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