Video Entry Phone Systems For Business

Video Entry Phone Systems For Business

Let’s start off with the basics – what are video entry phone systems?

A video entry phone system is a piece of technology that lets you grant or deny access through a door.

There are individual audio and video options that allow you to make an informed decision to open the door yourself. They can also be operated remotely, so your reception staff can grant or deny access from the comfort of their desk with an electric release mechanism. These systems are often used for residential homes or commercial buildings.

Why does your business need a video entry phone system?

These door entry systems protect your staff and business from unwanted intruders. If you can see who is on the other side of the door before you let them in then you can make an informed decision about whether they are trustworthy or not.

A typical example of how this can help businesses is the fake delivery con.

Imagine that you aren’t expecting a parcel and a delivery driver turns up out of the blue.

With a video entry phone system installed you can ask for proof of identification before you allow this person access to your building. If something doesn’t look right, say their ID tag is a library card, you can opt to just not let them in until they can prove who they say they are.

Without one, the criminal can just walk in with their parcel, ask to deliver the package in person using a name they found linked to your LinkedIn company page, and walk off into your office ‘searching’ for that person.

The thief will then steal as many valuables as possible, dump the empty parcel in a bin and exit the building. They’ll probably even give your reception staff a cheery ‘Goodbye!’ as they walk off with your hard earned belongings.

By the time you’ve realised what’s happened it’s already too late.

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How video entry phone systems work

The door station panel (including the buzzer) is mounted flush beside your external door or gate.

The buzzer connects to a stylish internal telephone or monitor that allows you to talk to (audio) or talk to and see (video) the caller, depending on which system you have.

With the press of a button you can open the door or gate to let the caller in. These systems can come with or without image recording.

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Our door entry systems offer vandal resistant or standard external panels in different finishes, and other extras such as:

  • Multiple call tones
  • Different colours and finishes for your internal handsets

NSI Gold and Safecontractor approved, Spy Alarms have been fitting these systems for over 30 years and stock the latest products at competitive prices.

How to use a video entry phone system properly

To stop criminals getting access to your building you have to have a process for letting the right people into your business.

We’d recommend something like this:

First, ask the visitor to announce who they are and what the purpose of their visit is.

If they are expected, you can ask them to show a form of ID and then let them in when it’s been confirmed visually on the monitor.

If they aren’t expected, your reception staff can ask them to hold while their details are double checked with whomever the visitor is there to see.

For a delivery driver, gas engineer or another service, ask them to show their company ID. If they are there on legitimate business, they won’t mind if you call their employer to check that they are who they say they are. In fact, most will expect it!

We Install Quality Video Entry Phone Systems

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At Spy Alarms, we’ve installed countless video entry phone systems to protect businesses across Kent. Our engineers perform a free site survey where they design a system that’s specifically tailored to your exacts requirements.