Monitored Alarm Systems

Keep Your Home or Business Safe When You’re Not There

Monitored alarm systems offer an even more secure way to protect your home or business by guaranteeing a response to any activation.

If a building is occupied when a fire breaks out or an intruder enters, then someone can respond to the alarm and call the police or fire brigade.

But what happens when there is no one around? If the alarm does go off, can you rely on someone alerting the authorities to a fire or a break in?

Whether it’s a fire alarm, intruder alarm or CCTV system, Spy Alarms offer 24/7 System Monitoring.

CCTV System Monitoring

For the ultimate in security Spy Alarms is proud to offer CCTV System Monitoring Services. Via a central station, we can watch your property whilst you are away.

Our operators can watch the images produced by the cameras and assess the situation. The experience of our analysts allow them to decide what course of action needs to be taken. Where a system has audio facilities, they can even give an appropriate warning to prevent damage to the premises.

This service is available for both commercial or home CCTV systems.

How does a Basic Intruder Alarm System Work?

After your burglar alarm has been set, the bell or klaxon will start to ring if:

  • an intruder forces a door or window in your property. This will activate a contact or vibration sensor.
  • there is any movement within your property. This will trigger the detectors in the hall, landing or bedroom.

The alarm will sound inside and outside your house. You will also receive a text message advising which zone or zones have been activated.

You can then return to your property to decide on what action needs to be taken.

Monitored Alarm Systems With Police Response

For a greater level of security, Spy Alarms can install a Redcare or Dualcom unit. These monitored alarm systems can provide a Police response.

Monitored alarm systems - policeThis works slightly differently to the basic level of alarm.

1. If the door or window contacts are broken, the intruder alarm will begin to sound.

This is the ‘first activation’. A central station operator will call you or your nominated key holders.

2. When a second device activates, the call is passed to the Police. This is now a confirmed alarm.

The Police response team will meet you or a registered key holder at the property. They will see if the intruders are still on the premises. They will advise you on the best course of action.

You don’t have to opt for police response, for some people it’s not necessary. Instead you can nominate a list of key holders for one of our call center operators to contact and inform them of what has happened.

To qualify for a monitored system with police response, your installer needs to be accredited by a police recommended agency, like our NSI Gold accreditation. This is because this accreditation proves the installation has been fitted by a professional – which ultimately reduces false alarm rates.

Whilst a professionally installed alarm system will act as a major deterrent, insurance companies and police forces are recommending that businesses should have monitored alarm systems.

Monitored Alarm Systems with a Fire Brigade Response

Monitored alarm systems for fireIf you have a Fire Alarm system, this can also be monitored.

We can install a Redcare or Dualcom Unit at your premises. If your fire alarm goes off, the central station operating our monitored alarm systems will call the fire brigade on your behalf.

Fast action minimises damage and can potentially save lives.

Why choose a monitored system from Spy Alarms?

Spy Alarms is regularly awarded the Metropolitan Police Gold ‘Alarm Performance Award’. This is given for the lowest number of false alarms recorded. It proves the value of our high quality, reliable systems.

If you have more than three false alarms in a year, the Police will no longer respond to your call outs. So, the reliability of your system is vital.

NSI Gold accredited companies that, like us, offer maintenance contracts for business and home, can also reduce false alarm rates – which helps prevent the Police from blacklisting your alarm system.

Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, Spy Alarms can monitor properties locally, as well as in London and the rest of the UK.

Would you like to know more about our system monitoring services? Contact our Sales Team, who will be happy to discuss all the options available to you.


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Our accreditations:

NSI Gold AwardSafe Contractor ApprovedBAFE Fire Accreditation - SP203 - Part 1 Modular SchemeMetropolitan Police Gold Award

Insurance Discounts

Please remember that many insurers offer discounts on insurance premiums for premises fitted with industry approved alarm systems such as those above.

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