A Guide To Fire Alarm Installations In Public Buildings

If you’ve ever started a business then you’ll know that the installation of a fire alarm system should be undertaken in accordance with British Standard 5839 fire alarm regulations and should only ever be undertaken by a qualified installer.

Here’s a taste of what you’re up against…


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10 Fantastic Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

In Great Britain, from April 2013 to March 2014 – 21,577 of accidental dwelling fires were first ignited in the kitchen. Over two thirds of fire-related deaths occurred in accidental dwelling fires.

This stat from the Fire & Rescue statistical release shows how at risk we really are. Protect your family and home today with these top tips.


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Cooking Fire Safety Tips For Your Kitchen

Want to be the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey? Before putting on your apron and preparing your kitchen surfaces – pause and consider the dangers. Nearly two thirds of all domestic fires happen because of cooking.

There are many safety tips you need to consider before sporting that chef’s hat!

Your kitchen can be a deadly place without taking the right precautions. So let’s take a look at the important aspects of fire safety in the kitchen. Only then should you get started on that Sunday roast!


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New Year’s Resolution – Test Your Smoke Alarm

Most people use January as a month of reflection and personal improvement.

The most common New Year’s resolutions include:

➤Healthy living and fitness
➤Losing weight
➤Improving diet
➤Saving money
➤Pursuing a career ambition
➤Giving up smoking

Are these the answers you were expecting to see?

To some, choosing a New Year’s Resolution is incredibly easy or even repeated from the year prior. Some of these resolutions such as giving up smoking are focused on our health and well-being.
They’re about safeguarding ourselves, our lifestyles and our health. But what about our homes?


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E-cigarette Explosion Causes House Fire In Sheerness

On 7th December, Kent Fire & Rescue were called to a house fire in Sheerness after an e-cigarette exploded due to an incompatible charger. Resident Terry Skinner explained, “I put my e-cigarette on charge and within the space of five minutes, it exploded.”

The Kent Fire and Rescue service suspected that the internal battery had burst and set light to the surrounding soft furnishings. Terry described opening the door to the bedroom and seeing it ablaze.

Fires caused by faulty or incorrect chargers

The use of a charger that did not fit the particular model or type of e-cigarette, caused incorrect voltage which triggered the initial explosion.

“It is something that could happen to anyone if the wrong charger is used for an electrical device.”, Said the KFRS Watch Manager, Andy Bridger-Smart.

The bedroom suffered 80% fire damage and the entire second floor had been affected by smoke. This incident exposes the horrors of an accidental house fire.

Andy, Kent Fire and Rescue Service warned, “We would urge people to make sure that they read the instructions that come with any equipment which is charged for any length of time. And not to use incorrect chargers when charging apparatus.”


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Batteries Not Included! Toys Vs. Christmas Safety

It’s Christmas day and the kids have woken you at 5AM to rush to open their presents. Once the challenge of endless plastic wrap, cardboard and metal ties are all overcome, it’s playtime. Or, perhaps not. The trick is to never underestimate the importance of Christmas safety.

*batteries not included

More often than not, toys and games in the UK are sold without batteries, leaving parents scouring the house for sufficient numbers of AAs and 9 volters on Christmas morning.

Even when they are included, this situation can still arise. Bulk manufacturers tend to use cheap batteries that die after a couple of hours’ use, especially if the toy has been in a shop display.


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Avoid Fire Hazards This Festive Season

Kent Fire and Rescue Service have been reminding the public of safety awareness this festive season. National fire statistics show that during December, 20 people a day are either killed or injured due to accidental fires. These stats are proof that safety precautions are more important than ever. The added distractions throughout the Christmas and New Year period can be potentially dangerous for homeowners.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Between braving a trip to the local shopping centre for gifts and testing our cooking skills with a 6kg turkey, we can easily forget to stay safe. When spending your evening wrapping a mountain of presents and writing out Christmas cards, the importance of fire safety is not often on our minds.

12 tips for Christmas | Kent Fire and Rescue Service


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When Festive Warmth Turns to Horror!!!


IFire Protection Londont was a horrible OMG moment, we’d been lulled into a cosy sense of festive warmth surrounded by Christmas lights, the kids carol concert, and especially by the magical tones of the little soloist, what a beautiful voice, lucky child.

Hmmm, not always so lucky… Those feelings quickly turned to stunned, horrified and upset when we heard what had happened to the little soloist’s home while she was singing for us.

Her house had been wrecked – not by thieves spying presents through the open curtains as they do, especially when they’re highlighted by bright lights on the tree). No. Worse than that. One of the ‘so pretty’ tree lights had burned out, overheated, just one little light and the whole tree went up in flames ‘whoosh!!!‘. (more…)

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