Reduction of False Fire Alarm Activations

Advice from Kent Fire and Rescue on how to reduce false fire alarms

If there is definitely no fire:

  • silence the fire alarm but do not reset the control panel as this will cancel the indications required for investigation purposes
  • check the indications on the control panel and establish the area (zone) of the building where the fire alarm originated from. Your system may also indicate the precise location of the actuated device
    as soon as possible after the unwanted alarm occurred, visit the area and locate the break glass call point, heat or smoke detector that has been actuated
  • attempt to establish the reason why the call point or detector was actuated. It is also useful to talk to people who were in the vicinity of the actuated device when the alarm occurred. Ask them if they know what happened and why. However it may be necessary to investigate further to determine the real cause e.g. vandalism or accidental damage to a break glass call point or insects entering a smoke detector


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