Burglary Prevention On Social Media

Nowadays, we love to share every little thing we have going on. A vast number of people across social media have not changed their privacy settings – which means your details are there for anyone to see.

The worrying thing about this is, you’re not just sharing information with your friends and family. You could be sharing it with criminals!


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Two Kent Burglaries In One Day

Recently Gravesend was hit by two burglaries in one day by the same culprit!  In a hearing at Maidstone Magistrates Court on Monday January 23rd, Luke Reader (19) was charged with both burglaries and attempted burglary after jewellery and a laptop were stolen from a home in Austen Road and an attempted break-in in Milroy Avenue. No further news has yet been published.

This incident shows the true opportunist that is at the centre of those who steal. Unsatisfied with one hit, burglars may go on to target other properties on the same day.


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The Ultimate Domestic CCTV Guide

In October 2014, a word of warning was voiced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding the use of CCTV security systems.

December then bought us news that Tony Porter, the Government’s surveillance camera commissioner, would be releasing new guidelines on camera use for home security. He explained, “The concerns are primarily about the intrusion into a neighbour’s privacy.”

Businesses have long been following rules and regulations to allow CCTV operation on premises, but what are the rules for CCTV security at home?

We’ve compiled a quick and easy domestic CCTV guide for home-owners to consider.

You can use our tips to ensure your security cameras are neighbour-friendly!


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Avoid Fire Hazards This Festive Season

Kent Fire and Rescue Service have been reminding the public of safety awareness this festive season. National fire statistics show that during December, 20 people a day are either killed or injured due to accidental fires. These stats are proof that safety precautions are more important than ever. The added distractions throughout the Christmas and New Year period can be potentially dangerous for homeowners.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Between braving a trip to the local shopping centre for gifts and testing our cooking skills with a 6kg turkey, we can easily forget to stay safe. When spending your evening wrapping a mountain of presents and writing out Christmas cards, the importance of fire safety is not often on our minds.

12 tips for Christmas | Kent Fire and Rescue Service


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Home Burglary Prevention Tips From A Criminologist

In the 400th issue of Scambusters, Criminologist and Associate Professor of Justice Studies at Appalachian State University Elicka S.L. Peterson-Sparks, provided insight into home burglary prevention advice. (more…)

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