Two Kent Burglaries In One Day

Recently Gravesend was hit by two burglaries in one day by the same culprit!  In a hearing at Maidstone Magistrates Court on Monday January 23rd, Luke Reader (19) was charged with both burglaries and attempted burglary after jewellery and a laptop were stolen from a home in Austen Road and an attempted break-in in Milroy Avenue. No further news has yet been published.

This incident shows the true opportunist that is at the centre of those who steal. Unsatisfied with one hit, burglars may go on to target other properties on the same day.


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Reduce The Fire Risk At Home – Bedtime Safety Check

Every year, around 30 children are killed due to house fires. This harrowing statistic from Kent Fire & Rescue highlights the importance of fire safety.

To reduce the fire risk at home, we’ve shortlisted the main factors to be aware of before settling down for a good night’s rest…


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The Ultimate Domestic CCTV Guide

In October 2014, a word of warning was voiced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding the use of CCTV security systems.

December then bought us news that Tony Porter, the Government’s surveillance camera commissioner, would be releasing new guidelines on camera use for home security. He explained, “The concerns are primarily about the intrusion into a neighbour’s privacy.”

Businesses have long been following rules and regulations to allow CCTV operation on premises, but what are the rules for CCTV security at home?

We’ve compiled a quick and easy domestic CCTV guide for home-owners to consider.

You can use our tips to ensure your security cameras are neighbour-friendly!


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New Year’s Resolution – Test Your Smoke Alarm

Most people use January as a month of reflection and personal improvement.

The most common New Year’s resolutions include:

➤Healthy living and fitness
➤Losing weight
➤Improving diet
➤Saving money
➤Pursuing a career ambition
➤Giving up smoking

Are these the answers you were expecting to see?

To some, choosing a New Year’s Resolution is incredibly easy or even repeated from the year prior. Some of these resolutions such as giving up smoking are focused on our health and well-being.
They’re about safeguarding ourselves, our lifestyles and our health. But what about our homes?


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E-cigarette Explosion Causes House Fire In Sheerness

On 7th December, Kent Fire & Rescue were called to a house fire in Sheerness after an e-cigarette exploded due to an incompatible charger. Resident Terry Skinner explained, “I put my e-cigarette on charge and within the space of five minutes, it exploded.”

The Kent Fire and Rescue service suspected that the internal battery had burst and set light to the surrounding soft furnishings. Terry described opening the door to the bedroom and seeing it ablaze.

Fires caused by faulty or incorrect chargers

The use of a charger that did not fit the particular model or type of e-cigarette, caused incorrect voltage which triggered the initial explosion.

“It is something that could happen to anyone if the wrong charger is used for an electrical device.”, Said the KFRS Watch Manager, Andy Bridger-Smart.

The bedroom suffered 80% fire damage and the entire second floor had been affected by smoke. This incident exposes the horrors of an accidental house fire.

Andy, Kent Fire and Rescue Service warned, “We would urge people to make sure that they read the instructions that come with any equipment which is charged for any length of time. And not to use incorrect chargers when charging apparatus.”


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London – The Burglary Capital Of The UK

Security Company London

London is now the burglary capital of the UK, following figures released for 2013. It outstrips Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, with no fewer than 12 of its postal districts featuring in a list of the top 20 for household burglary claims.

The figures were issued in January of 2014 by which used its burglary claims tracker to analyse over three million insurance quotes. This allowed them to discover where homeowners were most likely to have made a claim for burglary or theft in previous years.

London take 12 of the top 20 Burglary Hotspots!

Security Company London


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